Life After Lyme

This month, of this new year, marks the second anniversary of Peaceful Acres blog.

I started this blog mainly to chart my course of healing from Chronic (almost 40 yrs) Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella and  Ehrlichiosis.  It was Memorial Day weekend of 05 that I learned the name of these infectious diseases that have been my constant companions for nearly my entire life.  Up until then, there was not a doctor to be found who could diagnosis my illnesses.

Yes, they called it many things and finally threw their hands in the air and said, “I have no idea what is wrong with you.”  Or my all time favorite, “You’re JUST depressed. There is nothing wrong with you.”

Yeah, that was the last diagnosis when I thought I’d had a stroke.  Right….my left arm didn’t move and I was “just depressed”.

Frankly the term that could of described me that day in the ER was “homicidal”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After my first trip to India in 04/05 I couldn’t get over “something”. After 5 months of “something”,  I kept believing that “tomorrow” I’d be up and about, but by April 05 I was spending everyday sitting on the sofa wishing I could move and everything became a deja vu from my past . I was also wasting away which is a side affect of Babesia/Malaria…”wasting disease”. My weight continued to drop and I had zero energy. (the only difference between Bab’s and Malaria is the carrier….Bab’s is tick borne, Malaria is mosquito borne.)

My doc and I are not totally convinced that I do not have Malaria and/or Babesia the American cousin to Malaria which is the cause for my seasonal attacks of Hemolytic Anemia….the destruction of my RBC.


Written 12-23-2011~I am convinced now that the cause of my immune system crashing was 3 vaccinations I took before going to India; Polio, Hep B, and Tetanus. As of December 2011, my immune system is fighting for my life again. This time not against Lyme & Co-infections, but against Chronic Asthma and Severe Life Threatening Food Allergies/Sensitivities. As of this date, I am gluten, grain, and legume free. Here is a post I recently wrote about my battle with food or rather it’s battle against me! The severe food reactions I’ve had are identical to symptoms of Malaria that my doc and I were certain I had. I’ve only read of one other account of similar reactions. 

Carry On!


After one doctor drained our savings account with LOTS of testing for the book he was writing, we just did nothing. We didn’t see a doctor for almost 2 yrs.

Instead I spent every waking hour researching and searching for an answer. You see, we had the entire family tested and our son, The Tender Hearted Warrior also tested positive to Lyme and co-infections. It was the love of a mother that drove me with a passion to find a “cure”.  We hit ourselves over the head for months and cried a river of tears because we just didn’t see what was now obvious, that our son was infected since birth.  Probably and most likely because of me. That was hard to swallow. Very hard.

But with all of that behind us we began to press on. Looking into what was NOT conventional since conventional treatments did NOT promise much more than a lifetime of drugs. And frankly since I’d spent my entire life searching for answers to an illness that doesn’t exist….yeah, you read that right….according to the AMA there is NO diagnostic code for Lyme and it’s co-infections and if you are a smart doctor you will not even write the word or you risk loosing your license!!!  You see there is no “cure” for Lyme or co-infections if it is not caught within the first month or so. That is the only time ABX (antibiotics) will bring about a “cure”.  PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND I DO NOT CLAIM TO HAVE A CURE FOR ANYTHING! IF YOU NEED A DOCTOR SEEK OUT ONE, BUT DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It is only the FDA that can claim a “cure”.


It’s extreme adversity that leads us to either recoil or to reach out.  I decided that I could feel sorry for myself or I could help others in my own pursuit of wellness. It was one long day in the sauna while detoxing that the Lord spoke to me through the writings of Catherine Marshall. As Jesus said to the paralytic man at the pool of Bethesda…”what is you want?”  Well, wasn’t it obvious. I mean DUH?  Didn’t he want to be healed…to walk?!  The deeper message that spoke to me that day, was “do you REALLY want to be well?  REALLY???” Are you willing to give up asking for sympathy? Do you really want to get on with your life and not have anymore excuses for anything????? That was the one that got me. No more excuses! I said, “YES”.

I was the queen of excuses…..I can’t because I’m sick. I do stupid things because I’m sick and my brain is infected.

It’s been nothing more than a true miracle that I have found wellness in spite of these constant companions. I found it through FOOD! And for those of you new here, one topic I talk about a lot is FOOD! REAL FOOD!!! Food that heals, food that is life giving, real food that Dr Weston A Price talked about and the food that has changed my life!!!

I’m passionate about REAL FOOD because it’s life giving.  Local food has more nutrients, organic food has more nutrients.  Nutrition is EVERYTHING!!!! That’s it folks.  It’s all about nutrient density that drives me and nothing else!!! Yes, I care about being a good steward of the earth, sustainability, organics, etc….but for me it’s all about nutrition and nothing else.

I sought out those who have also found wellness; Jerry Brunetti,  Dr Ron Schmid, and Sandor Katz were three men (Sandor has HIV) that I knew found not just a level that they could live with, but they found something just short of a “cure”. I read all that I could by them and had the privilege to speak either directly to them or to their office to gain assistance. It was the use of REAL FOOD that these men used to find their own healing. I gleaned what I could and I pressed on.


REAL FOOD; what is it?

REAL FOOD is food that God made. That’s pretty simple. There is nothing complicated about that. It doesn’t come in a box or a can or a jar….it grows and it eats GRASS!

On a deeper level, REAL FOOD has live enzymes that assist the body to heal from disease and illness. I began learning about the work of Dr Weston A Price and I discovered something he called the X Factor.  I began consuming raw dairy and my life changed.

Dr Price noted in his research that when dying patients were given high vitamin raw butter they miraculously regained their health. He also discovered that the combination of High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil (CLO) and High Vitamin Raw Butter brought an even greater miracle of health. He called the mysterious healer, the X Factor.  The 62 yr old mystery healer X Factor has finally been revealed and it is now known to beVITAMIN K2.

“Using a chemical test, he determined that this compound—which he called Activator X—occurred in the butterfat, organs and fat of animals consuming rapidly growing green grass, and also in certain sea foods such as fish eggs.

Vitamin K2 is produced by animal tissues, including the mammary glands, from vitamin K1, which occurs in rapidly growing green plants.

Vitamin K2 works synergistically with the two other “fat-soluble activators” that Price studied, vitamins A and D. Vitamins A and D signal to the cells to produce certain proteins and vitamin K then activates these proteins.”(1)

It was the actual consumption of raw dairy that began to change my life.

But first I had to heal my leaky gut. Anyone who has found healing from anything will tell you that unless the gut is healthy the body cannot be. Healing begins in the gut! From the inside out!

I healed my leaky gut which exhibited itself with many odd maladies, including food intolerances, allergies, brain fog, joint pain, facial swelling, neurological disorders, etc. When searching for answers prior to 05, I healed my gut and I reached new levels of health which included running and training for a marathon.  I never realized that keeping that level was important in keeping these diseases at bay. I didn’t realize that I had an invader just waiting to grab hold of my life. That’s why I believe that I may have Malaria as well and it was the return trip from India that sent me over the edge into a precipice that nearly killed me.

In 06 I began my healing with Kefir which I believe to be a miraculous healing food! There is no substitute for Kefir.  There are many other fermentations that I’ve learned of and that I consume but NONE compares to Kefir an ancient fermentation of the nomads.

My consumption of Kefir allowed me to heal my allergy to dairy and more specifically casein. I followed many ideas from Donna Gates which allowed Autistic children to begin healing. I figured if that was possible then it was possible for me to heal from Lyme and the co-infections. It worked and once my allergy to dairy was healed then I believe the rest was yet to follow. And it did!

I began to consume a swig or two a day of CLO combined as Dr Price discovered with high vitamin butter.  I literally ate butter off the spoon all day long. At least 5 Tablespoons.

It was amazing.  If I remember correctly, it was my brain that began to heal first. You have no idea what it is like to loose your mind at an early age. I say that in all seriousness. I remember asking my doctor if I would sit in a chair for the rest of my life and not be able to think or do anything. I remember referring quite seriously to myself as “brain dead”. It brings me to tears to remember how bad it was.


After I’d reach new levels of healing my doc would always ask me what’s next.

My next trial was to use Dr Zhang’s Chinese Herbs. I knew that I could reach higher levels of healing. I knew that I wasn’t finished.

I started Dr Zhang’s Chinese Herbal protocol exactly 2 yrs ago this month. I finished 1 yr following his protocol precisely and my CD57 levels were almost up to 100 nearly a yr ago. That is a good indicator that I have successfully battled the Lyme and my killer cells are now in charge and not the Lyme.

It was the fall of 2008 that I was hit with Hemolytic Anemia and I was ready for a blood transfusion. I was almost dead again.

It’s amazing how one feels when they don’t have enough red blood cells. Since the RBC carry oxygen I can tell you first hand that RBC are vital and without them you die.

So, once I knew what I was playing with I ramped up my Chinese Herbal protocol and foods high in iron, including raw liver! I was determined to beat this thing.

It only took me 7 wks to bring my levels up to normal and my doc was shocked! He said that there was no doctor around that would believe the results of my blood work with just food alone!!!!

I experienced the symptoms of Hemolytic Anemia again this past fall in 2009. I didn’t ask for the blood work, I just increased my Chinese Herbal protocol and foods rich in iron again. This time it wasn’t working…..WHY? What was I doing wrong?


I ordered some new books specifically about Babesia. Dr James Schaller recently published  books that brought new light to my understanding of Babesia/Malaria. I learned that the destruction of RBC was causing lots and lots of free radicals.  And that Vitamins high in anti oxidants would usher those free radicals from the body.  BINGO….I had stopped taking my supp’s this past summer when I was feeling my best.  Once I started taking my supp’s again I started to feel great.


I also am trying something new that no one has mentioned for Babesia/Malaria, and that is Neem.  Neem is a revered plant in India. I figured if I was infected with Malaria in India then I would seek out what they worship there, and that is Neem.  I did a no no by my doc’s instructions. I began to take the supp’s and the Neem at the same time…..SO I really don’t know which one is helping the most. Although I know the supp’s are working on my behalf, I’m not as certain that the Neem is not also helping greatly.  None the less, I’m taking 20 drops of Neem extract daily. You can find Neem in your local health food store.  Since starting up with my supp’s and Neem I have felt 100% again.  With only a day or two that I was very tired over the holidays mainly just because I worked my butt off.  Doesn’t everyone get tired when they work really hard?


So that brings me to January 2010, 5 yrs after I was nearly dead.

How has my life changed? What are my goals? How do I plan to continue my healing? How is our son Tender Heart?

I think one word sums up the answers to these questions…. FOOD….REAL FOOD! Ok…two words! See I’m not brain dead anymore!!!!

That’s why we own our very own Jersey heifers.  Why Jersey’s? Because Jersey’s have the highest butterfat.  I’d love to own a Guerney someday, but for now it’s Jersey’s all… the…. way! That’s why we grow our own food.  That’s why I’m studying herbalism….that’s really why I do just about everything I do.

I will continue learning and writing about FOOD!  In fact I’ve started my book…..yeah, I’m writing a book.  I’m having trouble with the first line…but mostly it lies in these pages of the last two years of my life….here and at the old home of Peaceful Acres.  My book will be for those suffering and seeking answers to Lyme and it’s co-infections.  It will be about FOOD! Surprise, surprise!

Tender Heart has not witnessed the level of healing that I have.  He’s now 21 and doing pretty well, but he is 21.  He knows for himself that FOOD makes all the difference in how he feels.  But did I mention he’s 21!  So, it’s my life goal to give him the best food I can and to encourage him to eat REAL FOOD, but just like with all of us, the choice is his.  He knows if he eats crap he feels like crap!  Garbage in garbage out.  It’s a no brainer. All I can do as a mom is encourage him and as Dr Weston A Price said on his dying bed, “you teach, you teach, you teach.”


A cheerful heart is good medicine!

For those who are interested in my regime now it’s pretty simple. I take the following supp’s and eat all the REAL FOOD that I want, making sure that in my day, I always eat plenty of raw dairy and get a swig or two of CLO.  Almost all of my supp’s come from Dr Ron’s. And for a good reason.  His supp’s are pure. That’s it.

Daily I take:

Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil (just buck up and swallow it!!!) (Dr Ron’s)

1 Cap Dr Zhang’s Artemisia (up to 3 when battling or as he prescribes) (Artemisia annua L. entire plant w/ red-root & astragalus root)

1 Cap Milk Thistle (Dr Zhang’s)

1 Cap Arthral EZ Formula (includes Teasel Root) (Dr Zhang’s)

20 drops of Neem Extract

1 drop Lugal’s Iodine (low functioning thyroid)

2 Cap Buffered Vit C (1,000 mg) (Dr Ron’s)

2 Cap Quercetin/Bromelain (for inflammation) (Dr Ron’s)

1 Cap Alpha Lipoic Acid (300 mg) (Dr Ron’s)

1 Cap Liverforce (by New Chapter Organics)

2 Cap Thyroid w/ Liver (500mg) (Dr Ron’s)

1 Cap Unique E (Dr Ron’s)

1 B Complex

2 NAC (600mg each)

2 Cap Cordyceps (Dr Zhang’s)

My exercise routine is lacking….that is if you don’t count caring for my barnyard animals and hauling water, grain, hay, etc. and working in my garden….I’d love to run again, but for me that’s history and at 51 I’ve given up on that one. I should probably walk every day, but I don’t.  That’s it in a nutshell.

And as Nike so well put it….JUST DO IT! There is no magic pill. It takes a lot of determination and will power. It takes Moxy! One size does NOT fit all when it comes to these diseases. So find what works for you and do it and if it doesn’t work, don’t do it!

If I could give you a blessing it would go like this….”May your home be filled with love. May your belly be filled with real food. And may your life be filled with JOY!”

God bless you as you seek wellness.

(1) Weston A Price Foundation


  1. says

    So glad you’re healthy. I work for an international relief & development organization, and we have seen so many people “healed” just by giving them proper nutrition, such as amaranth and mrenga. Best wishes in the New Year!

  2. says

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s got me wondering about my stepdad, who was diagnosed w/ Lyme’s disease several years ago and has never been quite the same since. I doubt I’ll be able to get him to make the changes you did, but I have been working to get him and my mom eating better.

    • Peacefulacres says

      It’s a wicked disease that they continue to deny and call the symptoms whatever fits. And if they don’t have one that fits they make a new immune disorder disease up. It took me over 10 yrs to get my sis to change her ways, but she finally did last yr and is forever thankful!!!! She’s a new woman!

  3. says

    Wow. I recently found out that my uncle has lyme disease. I am calling my father today to see how he is doing and to pass this on. You are changing lives, my friend.

    God’s grace abounds!

    • Peacefulacres says

      Thanks Shannon. I believe it’s over 200,000 folks being diagnosed yearly with Lyme & co-infections! I figured if Dr Ron Schmid could do it, so could I. I even went to the extent he did when I was the sickest. I was willing to do anything short of drinking urine! I hope that others can find and never lose hope in believing that God gave us everything for life and godliness, just as He said. Is 55:2 “Listen, listen eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare!”

  4. Dawn Baggett says

    THANKS! I think my 16 year old daughter may have Lyme. Thank you for sharing your life and your story to help others! God bless, and I know what you mean about your children having to make their own decisions. It is hard to know when to push and when to hug and when to just leave them alone and pray and cry for them.


    • Peacefulacres says

      Hi Dawn, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. It is one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to deal with. I can deal with myself, but you just can’t make another person do what you know works. I’ve done my share and continue even today to weep over my sons health. The co-infections seem to be so much worse then the Lyme. Babesia is our greatest enemy now and it’s a hard one for sure. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  5. Chamonix says

    Just reading parts of your site have blessed me today. I am trying to get a Lyme diagnosis because I am in terrible shape. I am 34 years old, recently married, and my husband and now parents have been caring for me. I’ve been out of work for 6 weeks and fear I may end up losing my job. I just got results back negative on the Western Blot but have low lymphocytes that I need to talk to the doctor to in order to find out what it all means. I read on here about CD57, which I don’t see listed on my tests but my CD 19 and CD8 and CD 4 and CD3 are all low. Anyway, thank you for sharing and I am going to look into everything you mentioned. I just started to see a natural path as well. I am an all organic whole foods eater already…no sugar etc. The doctor I saw yesterday said my neurological symptoms may indicate a long term lyme infection. I have white matter changes in my brain but my neurologist thought they were from migraines. I CANNOT wait to get better. All of this has brought me close to God and given me new perspective on live overall. So, I am grateful in one sense for what He is showing me BUT I cannot wait for the suffering to stop. I love seeing you giving God glory as Christ is my savior as well. I have never heard any chronic lyme sufferers story before. I would love to communicate with you.

    • Peacefulacres says

      Chamonix, I can’t comment on your test results or give you any advice. I’m not a doc. But I truly believe in the Weston A Price diet and in the Vit A & D results that Dr Weston A Price discovered. Just to clarify, CD57 is a specific Lyme indicator that Lab Corp developed and can only be done by them. High and low indicate how well or not your killer cells are able to fight the load. Anyway, I hope you soon find some results that work. A new post on my CD57 will come soon. I’ve just gone through a tough time with allergies abounding and my immune system crashed due to some Rx and stress of a death in the family. No signs of Lyme coming back!!! None! I believe the other co-infections are finally dealt with also. The rife machine and Chinese medicine, plus food are what I credit. Stay strong in the Lord and in His might. He will fight for you.

  6. says

    thank you for your encouragement in the past.. we finally met with Dr. Zhang and have started a natural path. one that feels so much more right with my soul :)
    I am excited to crack open my NT cook book! :)
    you are a blessing!
    your sister in Christ
    < nika

    • Peacefulacres says

      Nika, I am very happy for you. I do believe that most, if not all of my stuff is gone!!! Even after this last crash due to other factors (thank God, not Lyme, etc) I didn’t have any old symptoms rear up! For that I truly believe Dr Zhang’s protocol is the BEST!!! Plus I used the rife for 2 yrs. Anyway, I’m glad you are on a positive healing path and I pray that you will find health very soon. Keep plugging away. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a marathon!!! Blessings to all of you.

  7. Jared says

    I remember reading on your old blog that when you first introduced kefir you had asthma attacks. Was it the colostrum that made that go away or did you simply continue drinking the kefir?


    • Peacefulacres says

      I don’t remember that Kefir gave me asthma symptoms but kombucha did. I think it was the yeasty molds. But I did have to wean myself into kefir….now I know it’s because I’m allergic to dairy. Duh! That would do it. It sent me into anaphylactic shock in January. So no more dairy for me. It wasn’t the colostrum.

    • Peacefulacres says

      Jared, if I could point you in one direction it would be toward fermented foods! I believe that they are miracle foods. Kefir, sauerkraut, sourdough, etc, you can find a link on my home page for Cultures for Health if you need a source.

  8. Jared says

    Wow, did Kefir to be a healing food despite an allergy to it? I’ve heard of many people healing their dairy allergies through fermented dairy by eating only fermented dairy, so maybe that’s a possibility.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely enjoy fermenting. I am following the GAPS Diet right now and am interested in introducing well-fermented raw Kefir and yogurt.

    • Peacefulacres says

      Jared, I do believe that it was in spite. BUT I eventually found that goat kefir was much easier on me and used that consistently for years until our own cow freshened….then I began drinking her milk straight up and it eventually got me. I’m a bit afraid to drink any type right now until someone can reassure me that I’m not going to die. So far no one knows enough and especially about raw dairy. I keep looking for that right person though and believe I’ll find them sometime soon. Right now it’s been 8 months and I’ve been dairy free. I’ve been told that the protein is the same, but I don’t believe that’s accurate. Anyway….rah rah for ferments!!! Right now it’s just kefir water and sourdough for me. The GAPS diet ought to be very helpful to you. In a way I did a GAPS diet but didn’t know of it at the time.

  9. Jared says

    That’s good to hear. Speaking of protein, I don’t know if you know about A1 and A2 cows, but it’s said that A1 proteins are very harmful (with morphine-like effects) while A2 are the traditionally raised and human-healthy dairy cows. You can read an article here by Dr. Thomas Cowan: but the topic is actually from a book The Devil in the Milk if you are interested.

    That sounds scary to be that allergic to it. I’m sorry that’s happening to you. I know to avoid such complications, the GAPS Diet has patients start on ghee, then onto raw butter, then yogurt, kefir, and then after two years of doing the diet (and only then) can you try introducing raw milk. It seems the gut lining has to be sealed completely and the gut inculcated with plenty of dairy loving bacteria to drink the milk without fermentation.

  10. Jared says

    Do you believe water kefir to be as healing as milk kefir? I’ve been debating starting milk kefir or just reactivating my old water kefir grains.



    • Peacefulacres says

      Jared, I can’t answer that. Since I can’t do dairy kefir, my only alternative is water kefir. I have found it extremely affective and active in probiotics.

  11. says

    Thank you so much for posting all of this information about what’s worked for you in treating Lyme and co-infections. It helps assure me that my own treatments for Lyme and my co-infections will some day work. I truly believe God designed our bodies to heal if we give them the right nutrients. I’m also taking the completely natural approach – no antibiotics and only real food and herbal supplements. I too feel raw, fermented foods are the best and have been incorporating kefir, sauerkraut, sourdough and raw probiotics into my healing for the past year, but had not heard much about the raw butter and CLO before. I may try that next. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell how well my body is fighting the infections because of constant pain due to bacteria die-off and toxicity from treatments or if my infections are getting worse. I look forward to reading your book some day and thank you again for posting all your trials and successes!

    • Peacefulacres says

      You’re welcome Swollenmystery! It does take a very long time. I remember reading once about how for every year you were sick it would take so many months. It was discouraging at the time for me since it looked like I’d take 10+ yrs to heal. But I didn’t! Thank the Lord!!! Just consistent work….now I’m battling asthma which is not nearly as bad…or maybe it is since you have to breath to live!!! :) But it’s been a challenge.

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